David – Losing Time

“One day you wake up and you say ‘Where did 20 years go?'”

This is David, describing losing time.


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Amanda – Losing a chance

“It is either a mugger who is going to kill me or ‘What if it is all romantic?'”

This is Amanda, describing a lost chance. At romance. In Paris.


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Anna – Losing her scarf

“I made scarves after my dad died for my mom, my brother, and me”

This is Anna, describing her scarf, which she made after her dad died, and how she lost it


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Bill – Losing his cat

“Hurt, betrayed, angry, confused… I’m not sure when I stopped feeling that, it took me some years to get over it.”

This is Bill, describing his cat, Prince, who was killed.


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Spencer – Losing his niece

“I held her and that was it. Something was gone.”

This is Spencer describing losing his niece, who was stillborn.


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Xella – Losing part of her intestine

“I don’t think about it much, but I’m damn lucky to be alive”

This is Xella describing losing part of her large intestine.


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Colleen – Losing a kitten

“Oh my god, I love you, I don’t want you to die.”

This is Colleen describing the runt of the litter, her love for him, and how he died.


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David – Losing his grandmother

“I’d been to funerals and been to wakes, I’d seen bodies displayed in caskets, but never just in a bed in the house you grew up in.”

This is David describing his grandmother and her death.


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Mar – Losing her doll

“It dawned on me that she wasn’t there and it was just like this, it was like losing a child, but I was kid.”

This is Mar, describing the loss of a doll.


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