Lola – Losing her best friend

“I still miss her.”

This is Lola, describing losing her best friend.

For as long as I can remember, she was part of my life. The earliest memories; she was there. We’d constantly play together, we’d share the bed, just I could talk to her about anything in the world. I remember when I was way young, during the summer, we’d hide under the kitchen table after stealing slices of american cheese from the fridge and we’d share slices of american cheese. We had tea parties together, but that is a little girl thing, all little girls do that, tea parties with stuffed animals, the best friend, yeah…

Whenever I was really, really down I could go to her and just soak her in my tears and just cry and cry and cry and say “It’s not fair!” and she would just listen and not say anything. [She] wouldn’t judge me, but that is what a best friend is, we never had any drama or falling out, she was family pretty much, even though she wasn’t family, but she was.

Seeing her, spending time with her, I just always felt so happy, even at my most down moments. She was always there, no matter what. I always had somebody who didn’t judge me, she never yelled at me, she was never condescending.

One day I come running home from school and she is not there. She is just gone. Couldn’t find her. She just disappeared, she went outside and then was gone. I tried and tried to find her. But no, nothing.

Her name was Possum, she was my best friend and she was my cat. I miss her.

I had unconditional love from her, it didn’t matter what I did, and she loved me and I loved her, and we never did any wrong each other’s eyes and then she was just gone. She had been there through all 13 of my years, always been there. I didn’t have friends. Not when I was a kid, we lived in the middle of nowhere, I was a weird kid, I didn’t get invited to birthday parties, I was the last one to be picked in everything. I had two brothers who picked on me too. I mean, she was my friend, she was the only person I had.

I still miss her, there is no replacement for something like that in your life. You are lucky if you get it once, for a year.

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