Losing Something

We have all lost something…


In 1997, when I was 17, my mother died. For the next 10 years it felt like I was asleep, I did nothing and nothing felt right. I woke up, finally, but in 2009 my father died, I promised myself I wouldn’t fall asleep again. I promised myself that I would pay attention to the world around me and to the people that I love. So, I am photographing everyone I know and recording them talking about losing something. I edit the interview for length and choose my favorite five pictures. This is the result.

My only goal is to find everyone that I know, acquaintances and intimate friends alike, take some portraits of them and record them talking about losing something. I have no expectations for what people will tell me, the stories can be short or long. The stories can be heartbreaking or funny. I have no goal or plan for this project. There is no end product, other than to have a document of the people that I know. Perhaps, I can also provide a reminder that grief is as human as love, or joy, or your legs or your heart. There is no shame in grief.

I have never interviewed anyone, I have never edited audio, I am not a professional photographer. ¬†I have no idea what I am doing. ¬†Seriously. I am keeping my own thoughts out of this project, because I wish to honor the stories that I am recording–they are not mine, I’m just husbanding them for a short while. My personal blog is here.

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